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Esq. Manish Mehta

Reifenhauser Germany

Esq. Amitava Ray

Nippon Paper Industries Japan


Esq. Suresh Gupta 


At Packult, we look to address our clients’ pain points through the in-house integration of businesses with our chain of packaging services and solutions. Our team of professionals effectively multisource the entire packaging process under one single roof. Starting from ideation, product research, and development, design, feasibility, supply chain management, and execution built into industry regulations and protocols, seamlessly bringing across global vision in a robust creative aesthetic and design to your doorstep. How we Intend to Achieve this?

How we Intend to Achieve this?

Industry Expertise

Team of packaging technologists, designing and programming experts, process and chemistry specialists.

Power of thinking

Intelligent think tank aligned with market trends, buying patterns, consumer norms, competition study and market analysis to develop out-of-box solutions.

Technological solutions 

Creating brand out of product by integrating ideas, processes, and creativity.

Engineering Edge

Machine engineering knowhow to facilitate process excellence and value engineering in packaging..

Fearless approach

Show no hesitance in bringing disruptive technologies and solutions in the world of packaging..

Our approach is deeply engraved in providing companies with a brand identity while utilizing our expertise rooted in industries, materials, technology, and years of experience. An established network of command and international outreach across all levels enables us to help brand owners, converters, and consumers seamlessly. At every step while targeting cost efficiency, simultaneously as we offer premium facilities and services ultimately driving into existence a one-stop packaging, branding, and design solution.


Why Us? Simply because we LISTEN!

With Innovation and Expertise at heart, our customer-centric attitude can be attributed to all the years of success, the futuristic visionaries on board, and our deep commitment to developing packaging and integrated solutions. We design to bring ease of handling and experience to the consumer.


What sets US apart?

  • Disruptive technologies

  • Global partnerships with “Techxperts”

  • Cost optimization

  • Consumer convenience at core

  • End-to-end process transparency

  • Knowledge of Machines, Automation and Futuristic adaptation

  • Assured standardized tested solutions

  • Integrated supply chain support

Our goal is to enhance consumer lives and to connect with them in a authentic, lasting way. We achieve transformation of a product’s perception.

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