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With over 200 years of experience on-board in developing the packaging industry, we challenge ourselves to provide unique workable solutions to meet the fast-changing consumer needs. 

Our technologists churn out well-researched product suitable substrates considering the regulatory requirements, cost constraints, and machine feasibility.

Structure Development

Our engineers, conceptioners, and technologists with an array of projects to their name help you think out-of-the-box in the search to develop the next best product structure. With eco-friendly concepts at the core of our thinking, you need not worry about sustainability. Whether it’s outer material & shape or the inner surface that protects contents, every layer is perfected across the program. Packult’s experts assist you to produce relevant results & solutions along with industry standards seamlessly that excel our client’s needs every time.


Sustainable Packaging

Sustainability is our default setting! 
Impactful packaging is a key driving aspect today, and we develop responsible concepts that resonate in moving forward circular economies. Corporate responsibilities extend beyond incorporating biodegradable packaging, bio-resins, and green ideas. It must be a collective effort to bring in newer innovative methods that are self-sustaining and recyclable. Structures that conform to the need of nature is what you get! Effectively reducing time and money spent and giving back to the economy with life cycle analysis, low carbon emissions, Extended Producer Responsibility, and “R-cycle” is the leap the present world needs to take for a better future; RIGHT NOW! 

Product Compatibility & Structure

We aim to harmonize interaction between the medium & the product via theories, strategies & principles, resulting in a unique creation that collaborates human well-being & product performance. Implementing fresh packaging ideas & design, trial for compatibility, stability, and performance testing, acting upon gathered data to enhance shelf life while protecting contents is the goal. We carefully comb through the regulations to provide a structure compatible with the product and conform with international standards. 

Using long-lasting quality products & custom block services to bring forward a plethora of untouched concepts, Packult’s professionals help you lead the game!


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